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Wishing you a warm welcome to Class 2!

Our teachers are Mrs Noble, Mrs McAreavey and Miss Dawson and we are a mixed Y1/2 class.

We aim to create a happy, exciting atmosphere in our classroom where every child is able to thrive.

Our medium term plan details the topics we will be exploring during the Summer term. Our current topic is called ‘On the Farm’; the children will have the opportunity to learn about animals and their habitats in our Science lessons (please see knowledge organisers for key vocabulary and a more in depth view of what the children will be learning). We intend to enhance our classroom learning with a school trip to a local farm too.

Our Talk for Writing text will be ‘Oliver’s Vegetables’ by Vivian French. The children will use this text and its features to innovate their own piece of writing focussing on descriptive writing. The Year 2 children will also explore the text ‘The Tunnel’ by Anthony Browne during their reading skills sessions too.

In our History lessons, Class 2 will be learning about The Great Fire of London; how it started, where it started, London past and present and the effects of the fire on London (please see the attached knowledge organiser for extra detail).

Our children will also have the opportunity to celebrate King Charles III Coronation with a week in school dedicated to learning about the new King, what a coronation is and why it is important. This will culminate in a whole school community celebration of such a momentous occasion with a special coronation playground party. In our Literacy lessons our children will write letters to King Charles as a way to showcase our writing skills, as well as welcome our new King to the throne.

Throughout the year our numeracy will be based on the Mastery approach- we will use White Rose maths to do this. This will involve the children focusing on a specific strand of numeracy for a few weeks at a time. Our hope is that this method of delivery will help the children develop secure problem-solving skills that they can apply to everyday life. We will start Summer term by exploring length and measure, capacity, volume and temperature too.


Our Class 2 children have their PE session on a Wednesday afternoon with Mrs McAreavey, Miss Morrison and the Y1 children from Class 1. During these lessons, the children will be learning lots of new skills both in the hall and

outside. Our PE focus to start Summer term will be sending and receiving games.


At the end of Summer term the children will participate in a whole school sports day which will showcase their PE skills and sportsmanship.

This Term’s Plan

C2 MTP Summer 2023