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Please see below the school’s requirements for uniform.

You can order online at Steady School Wear or at My Clothing.

Alternatively, you can purchase non-branded uniform from a store of your choice that fits with the expectations, set out below.

If you have any queries, please do not hesitate to contact the school office.


The following items can be worn all year round

White shirt/white or red polo shirt

Red jumper/sweatshirt/cardigan

Black or grey skirt/trousers/culottes/shorts

Plain black/grey tights or white/black/grey socks

Red fleece

During the summer months (April – September)

Red/white gingham dress



All children should wear black shoes with their uniform. Fashion trainers should not be worn.

Footwear for Games and PE

Black shorts, white school PE t-shirt* and school hoodie.

Please provide your children with football boots or training shoes to wear on the field for games activities. There are no restrictions as to colour but high fashion training shoes are not appropriate for field games. The children require footwear with a good grip in the mud and ease of cleaning when muddy. Most importantly, there is no requirement to invest in expensive kit. (Sand shoes may be needed for use in the sports hall.)

Track Suits/Joggers

When the weather gets wetter and colder, your children will definitely need a track suit or jogging bottoms with a warm jumper, tracksuit top or school hoodie which must be different from their school uniform cardigan or sweatshirt. Please note that jeans, tracksuit bottoms or black trousers, trainers and ‘fashion’ shoes, and brightly coloured socks are not recognised as suitable attire for school.

Hair accessories and styles

Hair accessories should be kept to a minimum. Headbands should not have large objects such as flowers attached. Hairstyles should not be extreme and hair should not be dyed an unnatural hair colour.


The wearing of any jewellery by children in school is not advisable, since it invariably gets lost or broken. Most importantly, earrings can cause injury, because youngsters run about at breaktime and risk having their ears damaged when climbing or brushing against their playmates. If parents decide to allow their children to wear jewellery at school, please ensure it is inexpensive or small (ie; earring studs to avoid snagging or catching). During games lessons the children must be able to remove their earrings themselves or bring tape to cover them safely. Thank you.

Tucking In

Since school is a place of work, we ask that the children tuck their shirts in. We have all agreed that “shirts out” are fine for holidays but “shirts in” are much smarter.